3 Best Guided Duck Hunting Trips in the US

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3 Best Guided Duck Hunting Trips in the US

Whether you’re just getting into duck hunting or you’re planning on doing some hunting in a new area, you can learn a lot and have a much better hunting trip if you have some assistance from a guide or duck hunting outfitter. Once you’ve gone on a few guided duck hunts in a given area, you can say goodbye to your outfitter and get any incidental help you need from a duck hunting app like Duckr. But, to get started, you might want to consider one of the best guided duck hunting trips in the US.

Chesapeake Bay Maryland Duck Hunting

If you live in Maryland or you’re planning a trip to the Chesapeake Bay, Black Duck Outfitters’ Maryland Duck Hunting services offer is an affordable and really enjoyable service. Here, you can get experience with duck hunting in open waters, and you’ll see how traditional spreads and longer lines can attract sea ducks and divers. The guides who work for this service have over 10 years of experience, and you can get a discount if you bring a large group. Rates are $200-275 per hunter.


Duck Hunting in Venice, Louisiana

Venice, Louisiana offers the opportunity to hunt pintails, canvasbacks, gaddies, teals, and more. Peak season is January, and hunters can get help from guides and outfitters to set up the right blinds and spreads for any of these. Plus, if you hit your limit early in the day, you can always do some fishing for sea trout or redfish, and you’re close enough to the coast to head off shore to try for some tuna, too. The cost for all that ranges from $200-300 per hunter per day.


Get Green Timber Mallards in Arkansas

For just a bit more – about $350 per day for a guided trip – you can go to Arkansas to hunt green timber mallards. This experience is like no other, as the ducks will actually be flying in through the live green trees. You’ll see something truly special and unique when you opt for this kind of hunt, but you’ll want the expertise of a duck hunting guide or outfitter who can help you create the best blinds and decoy spreads. With such a different style of hunting ducks, you’ll be glad you have their expertise.


Guide or Outfitter?

Whether you’re heading to one of these destinations or anywhere else for your duck hunt, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need to have the most successful trip possible. The terms guide and outfitter are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually not the same thing. A guided hunt is almost always a bit more DIY than a hunt with an outfitter, who’ll generally have the duck gear and other equipment you’ll need. Before you commit, find out what services and duck hunting gear your guide or outfitter provides so that you don’t show up unprepared. Then you can get the gear you need and have a great trip and a successful duck hunt.