Create & Share Hunting Locations

Save, comment, and share each of your hunting spots securely with others.

Add notes on number of Ducks on the water when scouting
Upload pictures and leave breadcrumbs to find the blind in the dark
Share location, pictures, and chat with hunting buddies.

GPS Based Blind Tracking

Securely and precisely store your blind locations in the cloud. Duckr’s GPS storing technology uses the most precise GPS available to mark your blind. Ever get frustrated trying to find a blind in the pitch dark using a dropped pin from another GPS application? Ease your mind and find your blind with ease using Duckr.

Weather Reports

Full 10 day weather forecasts including chance of precipitation, temperature, wind direction, moon phases, as well as map overlays showing radar, wind, precipitation, and show coverage. Get more detailed information on an hourly basis for the next 24 hours.


Duckr can tell you exactly what direction the wind is coming from as it relates to your blind via a birds eye view. Never again will you set up your blind facing the wrong way!


Make note of the sun rise, sun set, and sun direction as seen from your blind. No use having the sun in your face in the perfect blind! Not only will the ducks immediately see you but you won’t be able to see them to shoot!

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